• YZS Four Girder Casting Bridge Crane

    YZS Four Girder Casting Bridge Crane

    QDY bridge foundry crane with hook is mainly used at the place where the molten metal is lifted.The working class of the complete machine is A7,and thermal—protective coating is added at the bottom of the main girder.The assembling and test of the crane conform to the document No.ZJBT[2007]375 which was issued by General Administration of Quality Supervision,Inspection and Quarantine of the People’S Republic of China.The place where molten nonmetal material and red-hot solid metal is lifted also can refer to this document.

    double girders casting overhead crane is called ladle handling crane, it transports ladles for ladle handing filled with molten iron to the basic oxygen furnace(BOF), or molten steel from the BOF and electric arc furnace to the continuous casting machine. It can also be used for teeming and casting, so called teeming crane as well. As with the charging crane, safety and reliability come first with this crane since it is used to transport molten steel.